"Hilariously cheeky subterfuge" 4 Stars for 'Man of Steal'

We're thrilled that 'James Freedman: Man of Steal' has received this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 Star review from the much respected Fringe Guru:

“Beware of pickpockets” warns an ominous sign, hanging in pride of place on the Voodoo Rooms stage.  But there is – we hope – only one pickpocket in the house today: the self-confessed master thief James Freedman, who promises to lift watches and wallets from willing victims in front of several dozen pairs of staring eyes.  It’s an intriguing idea, but can you really flesh it out to a 50-minute show?  Well yes, to my surprise, it turns out that you can [more]

Off to Edinburgh

We are very excited to announce that James will be presenting his new one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

James Freedman is a thief. He’s entertained thousands of people with his very funny one man show “The Man of Steal', featuring a combination of confidence tricks, devious deceptions and modern fraud.

An expert in pickpocket techniques, stealth crimes and identity theft, “The Man of Steal” is a funny and fast-fingered show that lets us glimpse the psychology of street criminals, from 17th century ‘cutpurses’ to today’s ‘Apple and Blackberry pickers’ targeting our modern smartphones.

“I want you to understand how thieves think” says James, “so you'll never be a victim.” Then with a smile, he deftly relieves volunteers from the audience of their wallets, smartphones, watches, PIN numbers, passwords and even their identities.

But don’t worry, he gives it all back!

Thief in Downing Street

James was invited to entertain at 10 Downing Street yesterday to help the charity U Support which provides opportunities for children suffering with a disability, hardship or illness.

Founded by Adam and Tracey Gregory, U Support provides life changing experiences by helping disabled and disadvantaged children to attend sporting and cultural events with their carers.

The reception, to launch the charity's 'Opening Doors Campaign' was generously hosted by Samantha Cameron.

This is the third time that James has been invited to entertain in London's most famous street. He said, "It's a privilege to be here to support a small charity that does such amazing work. As U Support launches 'Opening Doors', the door of Number 10 seems like a very good place to start."

Prime Minister David Cameron said, "To have helped around 10,000 young people in just eight years is a marvellous achievement. I wish you and all at U Support every success for the future."

For more information about U Support visit usupport.org.uk

As if by magic!

James is featured on the cover of the Magic Circular magazine this month.


James announced for Breast Cancer Gala

James will be appearing at Blush Cabaret on 29 April in aid of Breast Cancer Haven. This VIP event at the Café de Paris in London's West End will feature James and other acts to create an immersive cabaret”

“We are delighted to announce that James Freedman is the first act confirmed for our Blush Cabaret at the end of this month. Tickets are still available for this event. Please follow this link to find out more and to book your tickets.” http://www.thehaven.org/blush2014

The event is produced by Love Variety and sponsored by Aviva.

'Police 5' on Channel 5

James will be appearing regularly on the new series of 'Police 5' which starts tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 5.

Police 5 features appeals for the most wanted criminals, the latest crime caught on CCTV and experts who will be revealing the tricks of modern criminals.

Last but not least, Shaw Taylor, the original TV crime fighter, will be back on screen too, asking viewers to, "Keep ’em peeled," as he tries to reunite theft victims with what is rightfully theirs.

Contactless card risk?

The government urges Barclays bank to consider recalling up to 13 million credit and debit cards after a Channel 4 News investigation uncovers serious security flaws in its payment systems. James shows his traditional pickpocket skills in this piece about electronic pickpockets.

Filming for Channel 5


James will be fronting a regular slot on Channel 5’s newly revamped ‘Police 5’ due for broadcast next year. The segment in each episode will include crime safety advice on pickpockets and other common scams plus some demonstrations showing James’s rather unusual skills in action. Filming is currently underway.

In the meantime, pickpocket crime always increases in crowded areas at this time of year, so please be careful and for the latest safety tips, follow James on twitter

City of London Police nab thief at Guildhall

With the festive season approaching, pickpocket crime tends to increase. James hosted an event at Guildhall for the City of London Police, to raise awareness and give City workers some expert pickpocket avoidance tips.

James to Keynote at CASSI 2013

From the organisers:

We are delighted to announce our keynote speaker, “The Man of Steal”, world renowned pickpocketer James Freedman. James is a pickpocket, communications and psychology expert who has shared his unique skills and powers of persuasion with many companies including Clarins, Hewlett Packard, Debenhams, Coca-Cola, Sony, Microsoft and Guinness – hold on to your wallets, keys, watches and phones - this is an experience not to be missed!

Addressing Irish Ministers.png

To book click here

James guest speaker at Big Fight Live!

James was recently invited by Lost Lectures to speak and steal at their Big Fight Live event. “It’s a first for me,” said James “I try to avoid stepping in to the ring.”

To see the photos of the event, click here

Londoners are easy prey for phone thieves, says 'professional pickpocket'

A “professional pickpocket” is warning Londoners of the dangers of having their smartphones stolen as thieves become ever more brazen.

James Freedman, an illusionist who has worked as a consultant on theft to police forces, said people are too blasé about their devices, which can cost hundreds of pounds each.

Last week figures from the (Read more)

James Freedman (sign).JPG

BBC reporter shocked by pickpocket

This BBC report shows just how quickly James can steal your valuables!

In April, one of the world's most-visited museums, the Louvre in Paris closed for the day as staff protested over pickpockets who were said to be targeting both employees and tourists.

Anthony Baxter finds out why tourists are being targeted and how to reduce the risk of losing your possessions.