We are very excited to announce that James will be presenting his new one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

James Freedman is a thief. He’s entertained thousands of people with his very funny one man show “The Man of Steal', featuring a combination of confidence tricks, devious deceptions and modern fraud.

An expert in pickpocket techniques, stealth crimes and identity theft, “The Man of Steal” is a funny and fast-fingered show that lets us glimpse the psychology of street criminals, from 17th century ‘cutpurses’ to today’s ‘Apple and Blackberry pickers’ targeting our modern smartphones.

“I want you to understand how thieves think” says James, “so you'll never be a victim.” Then with a smile, he deftly relieves volunteers from the audience of their wallets, smartphones, watches, PIN numbers, passwords and even their identities.

But don’t worry, he gives it all back!