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At every performance of his sell-out show, James stole the identity of someone in the audience! But the City of London Police didn’t arrest him, instead they asked for his help as the first UK Fraud Prevention Ambassador.

Now direct from London’s West End, private performances of this ground-breaking show are available to organisations looking for something new and exciting for conferences and training days.

Based on a life-time spent studying criminals, con-men and fraudsters, ‘Man of Steal’ delivers much more than improved fraud resilience. An inspiring performer, James demonstrates how to spot opportunities, build your confidence, think big and reduce risk.

Along the way he’ll show you just how easily he can pick your pocket, hack your phone and access your bank account.

Having used James’ unique skills for over 5 years, we recently commissioned a private performance of ’Man of Steal’ for a senior audience of entrepreneurs and investors. It takes a lot to surprise them but James did just that, with an engaging, interactive and enlightening performance. He has our highest recommendation.”   Business Growth Fund


“James has a very particular set of skills which he has already used to terrify then enlighten different parts of our business on six occasions this year. As a consumer business for whom good cyber governance is key, a private performance of Man of Steal allowed us to support and train our colleagues across the range of our mandatory IT security, user and governance fraud training in a more positive and memorable way.  Most cyber security teams experience some resistance to conventional training but with James’s show, our users were competing to be there and encouraged to want to make a difference.”
Marks and Spencer PLC

An entertaining presentation packed with valuable information that increases employees’ awareness of risk and reduces a company’s exposure to fraud.”
The Metropolitan Police

“Incredibly professional with a fantastic mix of education and entertainment. ‘Man of Steal’ proved an excellent finale to our World Congress.”
Information Security Forum

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