‘How to Commit Fraud’ is an entertaining exposé of hustles, scams and crime. Revealing exactly how he hacked three national newspaper journalists in different ways, James shares his secrets so you can stay safe from pickpockets, conmen and online fraud.

“I’ll tell anyone exactly how to commit fraud” James says, “because if you don’t know how the bad guys operate, how can you really protect yourself?”

“The business lessons he drew from his criminal knowledge were invaluable. A genuine mixture of entertainer and expert, James is also a great collaborator and we look forward to working with him again.”
Marks and Spencer PLC


“James delivered closing keynotes at our CISO Cybersecurity Conference in Amsterdam and for three days in a row the audience was stunned by his skills and expertise. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with him.”

James left the audience gasping at the ease with which he can get hold of our personal data.  He did this in an informative, entertaining way which had us all gobsmacked and applauding in equal measure. Highly recommended.”
PCMS Group plc

“James 90 minute presentation went down a storm as he entertained, scared and captivated our staff. Colleagues have already told us that they’ve changed the way they manage their payments and use social media.  A five star performance.”
Pension Insurance Corporation plc

“James scared everyone… and then left us with sensible and pragmatic tips that make all the difference to protecting our identity details.”
London Digital Security Centre

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